Discover Snorkeling

This adventure takes you only half a day and is the entrance to an amazing underwaterworld. I will provide all the equippment you need like snorkel, mask and fins. Also included is a snack and a boattrip.

Duration: half a day

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Course is the first diving course with a certification test at the end, which makes you to secure and skilled diver. You have to go through 5 theory sections, 5 diving skill operations and 4 open water dives to up to 18 meters.

Course duration: 3-4 days

Fun Dive

These dives are for certified divers, which want to discover the local underwaterworld. In this Fun Dive adventure are two dives, the equipment, the boattrip and a dive instructor or Divemaster included.

Duration: half a day.

Advanced Open Water

This dive course is designt to improve your skills and experiences underwater. You can specialize in 5 skill down to 30 meters with certification. To achieve the course goals you need to self-study the  theory and attend the practical divetraining. Deepdive and Underwater navigation are obligatory.

Course duration: 2 days

Rescue Diver

This dive course will enable you to know how to react in dangereous situation with divers involved on under watersurface.

For this course you need the EFR certification as well as the Advanced Open Water degree.

Course duration: 3 days.

Discover Scuba Diving

In this introductary course (no certification)  you will find out, if scuba diving might turn into a new hobby. After an introduction on the theory and a practical training on the most important scuba diving skills your new adventure can begin with an experienced dive instructor.

Course duration: half a day.

Scuba Tune Up  

If you have not dived for a long time or you feel unsecure diving again, you can do the Refresher-Course. It helps you feel confortible again and it will refresh your skills.

Course duration: half a day

Night Dive

Advanced divers can attend this adventure. Here you will discover the underwaterworld at a total different light: actually there is hardly any light except that from your torch! You will see sleeping fish and a different color ed underwaterworld.

Duration: 1 dive.

Emergency First Response (EFR)

This is a course to learn how to react after accidents or how to apply emergency first responses to injured persons.

You need an EFR certification to attend the Rescue Diver Course.

Course duration: 0.5 -1 day


This dive course starts your professional dive career. You will gain extensive knowlegde on the theory as well as professional diving skills. You need to be at least 18 years old and you should have more than 40 dives.

Course duration: at least 3 weeks.